What is Dealble?

Dealble monitors daily-deal websites, like Groupon and Living Social, for exactly the deals you want.

Are you sick of your inbox filling up with useless and irrelevent emails from daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social? Don’t let deal fatigue get the best of you.

Dealble makes sure that you never miss out on a deal you want, while skipping all of the useless deals you don’t need.

Dealble is incredibly easy to use. Just type in anything that you want to get a deal on, then whenever your deal appears on any site we’ll email you a link to your deal. We will never send you deals that you didn’t ask for.

Deable automatically monitors over 500+ websites to make
sure that you never miss a deal you’re looking for.

How to get the most out of Dealble:

  • Be as specific as possible when entering what you want.

    Being specific will not only cut down on the number of emails that we send you, but it will make sure that you get EXACTLY what you want. For example, instead of typing in “Food” you should type in the kind of food you want - like “Seafood” or even the name of a restaruant like “Cheesecake Factory”.

  • Enter in multiple words at once.

    Dealble let's you enter in multiple keywords at once. You can save time by entering everything you want deals on at once - just be sure to separate your keywords with a comma. So If you wanted to get deals on Fangango Tickets and Starbucks you would enter: "Fandango, Starbucks”. You can even enter phrases like“buy on get one”, “50% off”.


Past Keywords:

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